Information Technology Policies & Procedures

Software/Hardware Acquisition

The NWCNHS Department of Information Technology is organized under the Associate Dean of Administrative Affairs. The responsibility of the Department of Information Technology is to assist the College with computer purchases, software upgrades,  inventory and compliance.   Every effort will be made to ensure that faculty and staff are provided with the technology resources needed to efficiently perform job duties and maintain alignment with the Strategic Plan of NWCNHS.  The below policies describes acquisition, replacement and inventory guidelines.

Computer Upgrades and Software Purchase Requests

Computers and laptops will be replaced with a laptop and docking station solution based on needs, funding and state of the equipment. An external hard drive will be provided for the purpose of backing up  official work related files. All personal documents and applications should be stored on your personal storage devices or iClouds.

Loaner and emergency laptops or IT equipment will be available for meetings, special events or classroom presentations. All equipment must be signed out by a CNHS faculty or staff  (no students), and returned to the IT office in the same condition. See Usage policy below.

All software not listed on the  FIU UTS Software List for FIU-owned computers  must be approved by the Associate Dean of Administrative  Affairs prior to the submission to the Office of the CIO for purchase. Please consult with the NWCNHS IT Department prior to submitting your request.

Usage Policies

Equipment is the property of Florida International University Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences (FIU NWCNHS) and is loaned for your use as long as you remain a faculty or staff member at FIU NWCNHS. On termination of employment with the NWCNHS, you must return the equipment to the IT office (AHC3-206) by your last working day. If the equipment is lost, stolen or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, you agree to reimburse the College of Nursing and Health Sciences the original or depreciated cost of the Equipment. All NWCNHS faculty and staff will be required to sign the College and the University Property Control forms.

International Travel Technology requirements

Due to the increased risk of data loss and theft of proprietary research work, it is recommended that all documents and specialty software be removed from FIU-owned laptops while traveling abroad.  It is also recommended that all jump-drives and external storage devices remain in your offices locked and stored away.  The University has provided several secure options for accessing software and stored documents while traveling.

Let us know your travel plans.   Travel notification link coming soon.


IT Security Policies

  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy states that "no users of the University's IT resources shall download, upload, or distribute in any fashion, copyrighted material in any form except as permitted under copyright law".
  • FIUnet Acceptable Use Policy states that "by logging into this system, you agree to abide by all applicable federal, state and local laws, State of Florida Board of Governors rules, and University rules, regulations and policies".
  • Data Stewardship Procedures state that "University employees, students and authorized users of the University's IT shall access and use highly sensitive date only as may be strictly necessary in the performance of their job or role at the institution in accordance will all applicable state and federal laws". View these and other policies.

NWCNHS will use the acceptable use policies and guidelines set forth by the FIU Department of IT Security. For a full list of the University's security policies and training workshops, please visit their site at

IT Forms and Helpful Links